Thursday, June 10, 2010

announcing a fantasy book giveaway


you read that right! i'm hosting my first book giveaway! YAY! here's how it's going to work:

Prize: winner's pick from any fantasy friday post (see list below)

Rules: 1. you must be a blog follower. this one is easy! the button is over that-a-way --->
2. you must leave a comment below telling me that you want to enter

Deadline: contest closes Friday June 25th at 10:00 PM GMT

Other details: there will be ONE winner who will be picked via a RANDOM DRAWING.

easy, right? and for an extra entry, you can mention my contest somewhere on your blog! just tell me that you blogged about/mentioned it in your comment : )

here's the list of eligible books:

*if you already own one of these books and want one of the subsequent installments in the series, feel free to ask!

good luck!


  1. Wow, what a great giveaway! Please enter me. :)

  2. Sure, Lisa! thanks for participating! : )

  3. I'm already a follower and here's my comment. The only book I have is Uglies. So if I'm lucky enough to win, please don't give me that one. Thanks!

  4. thanks for entering, Theresa! don't worry--i'll let the winner pick whichever book s/he wants : )


    *eyes glaze over*

    I love books.

    I want to enter

    Adding a postscript to today's

    (So that's 2 entries?? right???)

    And I am about to crack open Soulless this weekend, so no spoilers ;)


  6. lol i don't think there were any spoilers ; )
    of course you can enter--2 entries, coming right up!!
    and now i'm heading over to your blog...


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