Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wednesday wonderings..

first, an announcement:

Heather from the wonderful Heather's Odyssey is celebrating her first blog anniversary--and announcing a great contest!! (free books? what's not to love??) be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

okay. to my post now. i have a question.

drumroll. (or not...)

if you could go anywhere (for free, no strings attached) in the world (real or imaginary) where would you go?

mwahahaha i love asking people this question. it often confounds them

in the real world, i would go to the Pacific Northwest.

in an imaginary world, i would go to...Middle Earth (the answer to this question changes all the time, but this is my answer today). i could totally see myself hanging out with wood elves in Mirkwood : )

where would you go?


  1. OOO...Can I go to Middle Earth too??? I want some of that awesome elf jewlery.

    Other than that...I want to travel around Europe!! And Australia...and Madagascar...and Hawaii.


    please please please

  3. Molly--yeah, we can go TOGETHER!! (just don't pick up any strange rings lying around...) and wow, you have a lot of travel ambitions--i hope you get to go to all those places some day (Hawaii is great if you like the ocean!! also, when i was on the big island, there was this chorus of birds that made a SUPER LOUD racket every morning from like 5-7 and at the same time every was kind of cool : ) )

    Tahereh--will you laugh if i confess that i never really gave up hope that Hogwarts was real and i might get a owl-flown acceptance letter until i was, um, 12?


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