Thursday, May 27, 2010

fantasy friday

for those of you who have not read it yet, i must recommend Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

Ethan Carter Wate lives in Gatlin, South Carolina. All he wants is to leave his boring, small-minded hometown, but then Lena Duchannes arrives, and Ethan's life abruptly becomes much less predictable and much more interesting.

From the moment she steps into the hallways of Gatlin's high school, Lena Duchannes attracts strange accidents and out-right hostility. What's more, she's the girl from Ethan's dreams. Literally. Night after night, he tries and fails to prevent Lena's death, and, from the moment he lays eyes on her, she captures his conscious thoughts as well.

But Lena has bigger problems than unaccepting townsfolk and a blossoming romance. Her family has secrets, dark secrets that they are determined to hide and Ethan and Lena are determined to uncover.

After all, both of their lives may hang in the balance.

this story has everything that makes a good YA fantasy. it has an essence; a flavor; mystery, drama, magic, sorrow, love, page-turning suspense. this story is tangible. it draws you in.

(also, i personally loved the literary allusions and quotes that peppered the dialogue. i read To Kill A Mockingbird BECAUSE of this story, and it was awesome--thank you, Beautiful Creatures!)

the bottom line? it is a story that demands to be read.

*since most of you have probably already read Beautiful Creatures, though, what aspects particularly stood out for you?

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  1. this is a beautifully written book, rich with gothic elements and southern history! great pick! i loved how the characters were well drawn-out and realistic. especially the older crowds, hehe. it was easy to believe that these people and places might actually exist!

    thanks for sharing :D

    by the way -- i got a little confused when i clicked back to your homepage and couldn't find this post. somehow you've posted it on "May 25" which is a Tuesday -- so it's pushing this post behind. i think you have to edit the options on the post to set it to the right date.


  2. okay i'll try to fix that--thanks!!

    this is a great, book, huh? it DOES feel like it all exists! you can totally feel the characters' emotions and the details are so vivid...
    anyway, i thought i saw somewhere that you'd read it : ) thank YOU for the feedback!!

  3. I haven't read Beautiful Creatures. It sounds really good. I'm going to add it to my wish list.

  4. You wouldn't believe how long my TBR list is!!!!

    But this is on it. I'm making a trip to the library this weekend, so I'll definitely look for it.


  5. Theresa--yay!! i'm so glad you're going to read it (and that somebody hasn't read it yet)! i hope you enjoy it--and thank you for following!!

    Molly--(ha, i feel kinda bad trying to make your montrously-long list longer) but let me know how you like it ; )




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