Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's..fantasy friday!

this week, i'm reviewing a book i just finished, like, 10 seconds ago (as of when i wrote this).

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

confession time. in general, i don't like the vampire genre. i know. i'm a teenage girl. i love Twilight. i read. it should be a given that i like vamp books, right??

not so much--i just don't think most of them are very good.

Vampire Academy is different. Richelle Mead creates a full, three-dimensional world that draws the reader in.

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a guardian. And Dhampir guard the "good" vampires from the bad ones. The compassionless, immortal Strigoi.

Rose and her royal vampire charge, Lissa, ran away from St. Vladimir's Academy two years ago. However, not even Rose can keep Lissa out of the Academy's clutches forever, and they are finally tracked down and returned to the school they wanted so badly to escape.

As long as Rose and Lissa are together, though, nothing can keep them down. Or can it?

Beset by malicious classmates and little-understood powers, Rose may finally have more on her plate than she can handle. And if Rose makes one wrong move, she and Lissa will be separated forever....

Which would almost certainly lead to Rose's destruction.

this book was a welcome page-turner. i truly cared about Rose and Lissa, felt what they felt, rooted for them. i already have several people that i need to give this book to!

my one complaint: i wouldn't recommend this book to younger teenagers. it did have more sexual content than it perhaps needed.

regardless, i cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!

*announcement: Tahereh is hosting a book give away on her blog--stop by and check it out! all you need is a good book recommendation! (although it would help if you also had a blog and a Twitter account...)
(Tahereh, does this count as my book recommendation???)


  1. hahah Kari you're so cute! of course this counts!! (but if you post a comment i'll better be able to keep track of all submissions! otherwise i might forget!)

    i've read this book actually -- but i stopped somewhere in the middle of the third in the series because i felt kind of apathetic after a certain point. but i think i need to give it another chance. in fact, i think i'll finish it up tonight :D

    so happy you liked it! i also enjoyed the first book, though i felt Rose's character was a little abrasive.. i had a hard time warming up to her. yea. i think i need to go back and reread. hehe.

    great review!!

  2. don't worry--i'll post a comment, too : )
    but i'll recommend a different book since you've read this one...

    thanks! i agree that Rose annoyed me at definitely wasn't her character that kept me reading. i was intrigued by trying to figure out what was going on. but i have to admit, if i was surrounded by all those awful teenagers, i might be a little abrasive, too! about half-way through the book, i'd forgotten that Rose had ever annoyed me...

  3. So many good books...
    It is hard for me to pick up anything vampiry, but my coworker loves so many of the popular series. I'm pretty sure she was just explaining this one to me a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks for the honest review!

    ALSO--you're reading MARLEY AND ME??? Do you WANT to cry?? You are so much braver than me. lol

  4. welcome back birthday girl! yes, i was reading Marley and usually makes me cry, but not that much.
    but this time when i read it, i SOBBED because our own dog just died on Easter weekend and for the first time i could really sympathize. i think i'll be more careful next time...


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