Thursday, May 20, 2010

fantasy friday again!

IS IT REALLY FRIDAY???? how did this happen? friday was only a couple of days ago, right? right?

*makes grab for calendar*

OMG WHERE IS MY SUMMER GOING?? i graduated a whole WEEK ago??

this isn't possible.

but the calendar says it is. i cannot argue with the calendar. (for one thing, it is an inanimate object. it wouldn't be fair.)

if it is really friday, then i guess you are expecting fantasy friday...i guess i should write a book review.

and i have just the book!!

this fantasy friday's feature:

The Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

While Jim Butcher seems to be better known for his Dresden Files series, I personally prefer the Codex Alera books (of which Furies of Calderon is the first).

Set in the country of Alera where inhabitants control elemental powers in the form of 'furies' (think familiars, daemons, etc. here), The Furies of Calderon focuses on one boy, Tavi.

Tavi is an anomaly: he has no fury. This unprecidented occurance instantly marks him as weaker than any other Aleran. But Tavi has his own resources--wit, ingenuity, determination, and courage--which suddenly land him in the middle of a war. A war in which he may actually be the key player.

This book--this entire series--is breathtaking. Literally. I sometimes find myself panting because I have become so caught up in the action that I cannot breathe. Butcher creates plots that are unchartable until you have read the whole book--you can never tell what is coming next, and you will not be able to set the book down until you've found out.

By constructing a deadly world and filling it with very-likeable characters, Butcher has created the ultimate suspense fantasy.

Be warned: don't start this book unless you intend to finish. And by finish, I mean all six books in the series.

*update: if you're looking for great YA fantasy reads, Heather just mentioned some fantastic-sounding books. i was sold, and highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already!


  1. I hold my breath when I read sometimes too!!! we're so twins.

    It's been a while since I read some high fantasy. I shall check it out.

    BRAVO ON THE BESTIE STORY i LOOOOVVVVEEED the fairies attacking you. Just more proof that you have a beautiful, writerly mind :)

  2. hello again, LLT (long-lost twin)!!

    this series definitely isn't YA fantasy, but it's such a good read. i've gotten my mom, my sister (and her boyfriend), and my younger cousin to read it, and they all loved it.

    and THANK YOU! (that fairy scene came in a brain wave after being stuck for like four days....i'm not sure what those four days say about my writerly-ness, though.)

    have you done your bestie story yet?? the world needs your entry--keeping your awesomeness to yourself would not be fair!!

  3. lol...yep I did a bestie story. I wouldn't say it was greatness, but I tried. Sometimes the muse hits you and sometimes it doesn't.

    Regardless it was a fun free-writing exercise.

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!!


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