Tuesday, March 8, 2011

it finally happened.

Tahereh just announced the release of her debut novel--the first in a trilogy!!!! to see her entire post (if you haven't already), click here. to pre-order her book, Shatter Me, on Amazon (release date: Nov 15th, 2011) click here.

i can't wait!!! CONGRATS to Tahereh!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Incarceron review

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

(synopsis from Catherine Fisher's webpage)

Imagine a living prison so vast that it contains corridors and forests, cities and seas. Imagine a prisoner with no memory, who is sure he came from Outside, even though the prison has been sealed for centuries and only one man, half real, half legend, has ever escaped.
Imagine a girl in a manor house in a society where time has been forbidden, where everyone is held in a seventeenth century world run by computers, doomed to an arranged marriage that appals her, tangled in an assassination plot she both dreads and desires.

One inside, one outside

But both imprisoned.

Imagine a war that has hollowed the moon, seven skullrings that contain souls, a flying ship and a wall at the world's end.

Imagine the unimaginable.

Imagine Incarceron.

my thoughts:

this was another one of those books that i had high expectations for and then it didn't quite live up to them.

it was original and entertaining, but ultimately unsatisfactory. it was hard to get really engaged in the story or the characters. at the end, the story veered into the dangerous territory i refer to as "the abstract" where i couldn't understand what was happening...this book just wasn't what i'd hoped.

it also had an inconclusive ending. what more can i say?

my rating: 3.5

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mistwood review

Happy March, everybody!

by Leah Cypess

(synopsis from Goodreads)

The Shifter is an immortal creature bound by an ancient spell to protect the kings of Samorna. When the realm is peaceful, she retreats to the Mistwood. But when she is needed she always comes.

Isabel remembers nothing. Nothing before the prince rode into her forest to take her back to the castle. Nothing about who she is supposed to be, or the powers she is supposed to have.

Prince Rokan needs Isabel to be his Shifter. He needs her ability to shift to animal form, to wind, to mist. He needs her lethal speed and superhuman strength. And he needs her loyalty—because without it, she may be his greatest threat.

Isabel knows that her prince is lying to her, but she can't help wanting to protect him from the dangers and intrigues of the court . . . until a deadly truth shatters the bond between them.

Now Isabel faces a choice that threatens her loyalty, her heart . . . and everything she thought she knew.

my thoughts:

i have slightly mixed feelings about this book. the idea was very original, something that seems hard to find in fantasy lately. i was very excited to read the book.

i had trouble warming up to the MC, though. the Shifter sounds cool in theory, but when actually seeing everything through her eyes...well, it was kind of cold. it made it hard to really feel very affectionate about her as a character. (maybe this was just me, though)

on the plus side, i never knew what would happen next. this is the main thing that kept me reading. while this made Mistwood an interesting read, i don't know that i would want to re-read it.

however, i gotta say, Ms. Cypess didn't leave me hanging! she gets some credit for that.

my rating: 4.1