Thursday, May 6, 2010

i'm back! (and i'm introducing fantasy friday...yes, be intrigued)


the reason that your ears are now ringing (or rather, your eyes are stinging) is that i just finished my last semster of college classes before i officially graduate...uh, from high school. so now i'm officially a college student? so confusing.

anyway, today, my summer is Officially begun. i can stop stressing about finals!

...and blog with my online writer friends!!

so, without further ado...

Today Is The Announcement Of Fantasy Friday!! (don't worry, it's rated completely PG. um, maybe PG 13, but i guess that depends on the book...but i'm getting ahead of myself.)

you're probably wondering what fantasy friday actually is. good. that means you're really reading this and not skimming (note: skimming is least, it is on my blog)

fantasy friday is when i review a choice fantasy book for the week!!!!

okay, so maybe that's not astonishingly thrilling, but come on, i'm a writer/crazyavidreader. what did you expect?

today's choice: Twilight

hahaha just kidding. there is no way i am opening that can of worms.

today i'm really going to review:
The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

i haven't thus far seen this book featured on any blogs (but this is probably just because it isn't a new release. regardless, if you like fantasy, this is a must-read)

from the moment i picked this book up off the shelves at Barnes and Nobles, i knew i had to have it (this was back when it had just come out in hardback, and the fact that i was willing to pay $18 for a book i had never heard of before is a tribute to its instant awesomeness)

i was hooked from the beginning. the action drew me in, and i simply could not put it down (at least, not without suffering severe agony). i had no idea how the conflict could possibly be resolved, but i already (majorly) sympathized with the characters and i had to know what was going to happen them.

this book has everything a good fantasy needs: realistic and seriously beleaguered characters, a unique and captivating plot, a fresh setting, (a little love interest)....and some very cool fantasy elements. i don't want to give away any spoilers in case you haven't read it yet, so i'll leave my commentary at that (even though the restraint is killing me!!)

my only complaint: sometimes all the strange names and detailed history were a little confusing, but if you bear with it, everything will become clearer later on. it is more than worth the patience.

so what's the verdict? Sound interesting? Or have you already read it?


  1. ooo I love a good fantasy. ESPECIALL one that is painful to set down. I don't even mind it being a little confusing. I'll def. check it out. Thanks for the review!!!!

  2. yay!! i'm THRILLED that someone wants to read the book i reviewed!!! i'm also overjoyed to hear you like fantasy friday : ) i'll keep it up then--i've read plenty of books to give me review material for, like, ever

    <33 for Mother's Day!!


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