Tuesday, June 15, 2010

an extremelyshortbriefurgent announcement!

quick announcement!

Renae Mercado from The Siren's Song is holding a contest/giveaway! in her words...

"one lucky reader gets it all, the ARC of Immortal Beloved, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and the first installment of Pretty Little Liars!"

so head on over to her blog and enter for a chance to win these great books! hurry--entry deadline is this Friday!

also, the blog Books Complete Me is hosting a phenomenal giveaway! be sure to stop by and check it out as well!

*note: can't get enough books? don't forget to enter my book giveaway for a chance to win some great fantasy novels!


  1. I have another contest for www.tessagratton.com over at my blog. SO MANY CONTESTS. I WANT TO WIN THEM ALL. Also, I tried to do the 3(3) thing, but I really don't know if I did it right lol and I don't have the brain power this morning to figure it out.

    Hope you're having a beautiful day tho!!!!!

  2. Hi Molly! i'll have to check out that contest, too! (WINWINWIN!!!)
    i don't even know if I did the 3(3) thingy right...but i don't think that the point was to follow rules : ) as long as you had fun writing it, i think it counts!


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