Monday, June 14, 2010

chapter titles

quick question today: does anyone actually read chapter titles?

is it worth puting in the extra effort for a clever chapter name? because (confession time) most of the time i don't even read chapter titles. i skim right past them because i'm so caught up in the story.

am i the only one who does this? or do you think that perhaps chapter titles are worth the extra effort on the writer's part?? that they do, indeed, add a little more to the story and the experience?

i'm very curious about this.


  1. mmm.. yes and no. i mean i LOOK at them. and often if i'm anticipating a chapter i look to them for an idea of what's going to happen. but, meh. i don't think it's a deal breaker.

  2. Usually I skim over them. Especially if they tell me where a chapter is going, because I like to be surprised!!! I don't usually even read the synopsis/blurb things on the back of the book for the same reason.

    Funny you bring it up, though, because the other day I was reading a book and a chapter title caught my eye and I was like, "ha. That's really quite funny. I wonder if they've all been funny and I just missed it..."

  3. that's pretty much how i feel (not a deal breaker). i think maybe some books need them and others don't...thanks, Tahereh : )

  4. Unfortunately, I tend to skim over chapter titles when I read. However, if they are very, very clever, they do register, but often during re-reads. I do know there are those who love good chapter titles, however! :)

  5. Molly--i, too, skim partly because i don't want to know what's going to happen!! but then in some books i've re-read, i find great chapter titles. i guess my question here is would YOU use chapter titles, or just say "chapter 1"?

    Sandy--thanks for your input! i can see now that i'm not alone in my skimming : ) but it does also sound like i would have justification if i wanted to use a chapter title.


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