Wednesday, June 16, 2010

weekly writing goal

this summer was supposed to be for writing. and i must admit that, shamefully, i have done very little of it.

(bad Kari)

BUT! now I HAVE A PLAN *maniacal laughter*

it's called weekly writing goal wednesday! and YOU can do it, too!!!!

what to do: each week set a goal to be completed by next wednesday*

my goal: write 7k words by next wednesday (1000 a day--that's do-able...i hope!)

*note: it doesn't count if you don't tell anyone about your goal!! i'm just sayin'...

don't be afraid of failure! jump in and set goals!!! um, i feel like i should quote someone motivational here, bit i have no idea who!!!! so, uh, GO!!!!

also! i have an announcement: TESSA GRATTON CASTS MAD SPELLS. (and she writes books, too!) Visit her at
(this is my cartoon entry for her fantabulous contest. i drew one but (ah!) i do not own a scanner. so i did one in microsoft paint!)


  1. Lovin' the cartoon. LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love comments!! Hey, I actually have a writing goal game, but I haven't started yet. I'm wearing to many freaking hats at the moment.

    Great post!

  2. Yay!!! Your cartoon is the best evah!! I love the magick rainbowy cloud thing!!!!

    Can the writing goals be revising goals?? If so, I want to revise another 40 pages by next Wednesday.

    *Gulp* Why do I do these things to myself???

  3. salarsen--thank you, and yay! i'm glad you like the cartoon : ) and i love comments, too!!! let me know when you get rid of those hats and we can both play goal games... ; )

    Molly--it's nothing on YOUR cartoon, but i was just happy i put it together so fast *phew*

    of course it can be revising goals! revising is just rewriting! and WOW your goal is SO much more ambitious than mine, i am put to shame ; )

  4. lol...well I'll probably put myself to shame and not be able to hit my goal, but if I aim high that means I have to reach high...right? So maybe it will force me to get more done than I normally would.

    Also, you definitely should've won that contest!


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