Monday, September 20, 2010

banned books

okay, so i realize (now) that i'm a bit late on the uptake, but apparently there's been some anti-book-banning sentiment going around the blogosphere (yes, i am very out of touch these days...). after looking into it, i discovered a few things that blew my mind.

i clicked on this link and found that Because of Winn Dixie, Charlotte's Web, Little House on the Prairie, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter books, Frindle, Little Women, and A Wrinkle in Time all have something in common: they belong on the list of Challenged Children's Books. (on the Young Adult list I also found Hawksong, Julie of the Wolves, and Sarah Dessen's books on the Young Adult list)

are. you. freaking. kidding. me????

now, i certainly can't speak for all readers, but i think this is obscene. i have wonderful childhood memories from reading some of these books. they are books that i simply can't imagine not reading--let alone banning!

sure, there are books on this list that i don't like: A Series of Unfortunate Events (ultimately depressing), Blood and Chocolate (not my taste), Philip Pullman's Dark Materials series (anti-Christian), Lord of the Flies (DISTURBING), but banning these books goes against everything i believe in as a reader, writer, American, and Christian (i feel it is important to point out this last 'label' because too many Christians are known for jumping on the book-banning bandwagon. what i think these people don't realize is that it VIOLATES our free will to ban books--even if we don't like what they say. every person deserves the right to choose for themselves.)

bottom line: banning these books? UNCONSCIONABLE.

now, DON'T GET ME WRONG. i am also not an advocate of requiring that children read controversial books. requiring children to read such controversial books that their parents do not approve of is at least as bad as banning them, in my opinion. you are still making the decision for the children. it is still a violation of free will. i understand that students need to complete required reading for school, but picking the most controversial books and forcing children to read them--that's despicable. at least save the controversial stuff for when the kids are actually old enough to understand it.

want to share your thoughts/opinions or learn more? check out this link to read about the Banned Books Reading Challenge.


  1. there are books that piss us all off. and those books are not the same for any of us. just because you don't like an element of a book, just because an element of a book may go against everything you believe in, doesn't mean that book should be banned. ban banning!
    (but i agree that parents have the right to object to their child being required to read a book that goes against their principles, even though i think it's not a good idea to encourage ignorance, but education alongside the oposing views.)
    someone's blog today said innocence and ignorance are not the same thing.

  2. Kathie--thanks : )

    aspiring x--that is a good point, it is important to be educated about issues. i just don't think younger children can fully understand heavy issues yet. i don't think they should be pushed into reading things that they aren't ready for--yet.
    once they get older, it all boils down to freedom of choice.
    thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Way to put it out there girl! I'm behind in the times as well I've heard all about it today and I have to say that I can't believe that there is a challenged list and banned list, it's an outrage!

    Great job telling the world!

  4. You're not late on this. It's good you're getting the word out!

    National Banned Book week is next week. I'm saving my post until then.

  5. It's amazing what books are banned. I believe parents should monitor what their kids read although I probably would let my kid read mostly anything. I hate the idea of flatly banning books - it's so selfish.
    Alison Can Read

  6. Jen--thanks!

    Theresa--phew, that's good to hear. i look forward to your post!

    Alison--it IS selfish, excellent way of putting it. i've always been allowed to read whatever i want, and the thought of someone dictating what i should or shouldn't read makes me mad!

  7. I completely agree with you!

    BTW, I tagged you! You can check it out on my blog here!


  8. This is awesome. I'm linking to it on Scribe Sisters blog later today!

  9. Claire--thanks! how fun : )

    Scribe Sisters--oh, thank you so much! you're so sweet!


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