Thursday, September 23, 2010

let the games begin!

TAG! i'm it!

this is an international game of tag, and i've been tagged by YA Bookie Monster! first, i have to answer questions about me, and then i tag four more people : )

let the games begin...

4 Things in my Purse:

my phone (a blackberry), my driver's license, cash (no credit cards here), and water (one of my weird family quirks, we always bring water bottles everywhere we go)

4 Things in my Desk:

spiral notebooks, more cash (in case you're planning on robbing my house....), a stationary box, post-its (still there because i rarely use them)

4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:

my clothes, LOTS of books, my mp3 player, my desks (i have 2, can't have enough of those!)

4 Things I Always Wanted to Do (but haven't yet):

be a published writer! win a major skating competition (not going to happen, but still...). graduate college (looks promising). travel to England.

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment:

reading, watching Smallville and Vampire Diaries, ACC 232 (VERY WEIRD I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS), writing!

4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head:

The Animal, Innocence, Asylum, Another Way to Die.
yeah, Disturbed's new album just came out....

4 Things you Don't Know About Me:

i'm a freshman at ASU (or did you know that??).
i'm a brunette.
if my house was burning down and i could save only one object, it would be my laptop....uh, probably.
i like to play guitar on RockBand.

okay! now it's your turn! i tag...Sandy Shin, Alison Can Read, Substitute Teacher's Saga (Theresa Milstein), and Writer's Alley (S. A. Larsen)

ready, set, GO!!!


  1. Thanks for tagging me. I'll try to pass the tag on ASAP. You're a freshman at ASU? Which ASU? I went to Arizona State University.
    Alison Can Read

  2. :) Thank you for tagging me!

    Laptop is definitely one of the top things I'd save if my house were on fire, too -- and ditto on traveling to England. I blame that on years being obsessed with Harry Potter. :D

  3. Love your list!! Thanks for the tag!

  4. Alison--you went to Arizona State, too??? small world..! yep, that's where i go : )

    Sandy--yeah, the Harry Potter obsession is definitely to blame! lol, have fun!

    S.A. Larsen--thanks, and you're welcome! : )


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