Friday, September 17, 2010


i know i haven't been around much. i know i haven't been visiting your blogs and reading your posts and talking very much at all...for a while now.

and i want you to know that it isn't because i don't care!! i miss reading your posts and exchanging comments and hearing about wonderful books.

i'm trying to keep up, but i feel like i'm slipping behind.

i also have to make another confession: i didn't make my writing goal this week. i haven't had any time for writing (test week at ASU). BUT i did THINK of an idea for my WIP...i just haven't written it down yet.

so, i just wanted to tell you that i read all your comments on my blog and still love hearing from you. but i realize that goes both ways. i will try to be better about reading your blogs, too, and i hope you won't forget about me!

here's your chance to catch me up: what's been going on lately? did anything exciting happen this week? did you discover a new book that you love or really tackle a writing project? did you make a goal and meet it? or is busy life eating away your time, too?

i really do want to know.


  1. i'm sure everyone has had times where they need to pull back from the blogosphere to focus on other things for awhile. we totally understand that school is the priority! :) keep studying hard and ace those tests! we'll see you around when the schedule lets up a bit! :)

  2. School eats my life to the point I'm too thinking about putting my blog on a hiatus. Even trying to prewrite the posts is cutting into the time slot of read/comment/post I carved into my schedule.

    How's the puppy?

  3. aspiring x--thank you for understanding : ) i'll try!

    SM Schmidt--college is SO much work...i know how you feel!
    the puppy is good. she woke me up at 7:30 this morning. clearly she has enough energy...! : )

  4. Life has been way too busy this past week. I'm looking forward to an empty house tomorrow and hopefully getting some writing done.

  5. sounds nice! i hope you get a lot done : ) writing can be the perfect way to unwind after a stressful week.


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