Thursday, July 8, 2010

yeah, i saw it...

i saw Eclipse yesterday.

the verdict? well, i need to explain some of my thoughts in getting there…

i think i’ve hit upon that elusive element that makes one story stand out from the rest (wait for it…): “engagement”.

(no, not with a ring…)

engagement. when the story comes together, when we really like/care about/relate to the characters, when the plot really pulls at our imagination until we can’t let it go, when we’re picturing the setting every time we close our eyes, when we love the story so much that we are a PART of it in our minds—that’s engagement.

how does this relate to Eclipse? well, i just didn’t have that “engagement” with the first two movies. the biggest reason (dare I say it??) was that Stewart and Pattinson just didn’t feel believable in their roles.

they were much, much better in this movie. everything was better, and for the first time, i started feeling some of that engagement.


now, i still wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t a Twilight fan. if you haven’t read/don’t care for the books, you probably won’t like the movies.
BUT, if you did like the books, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this movie.

it was pretty good.

i may even end up seeing it again (for complicated reasons...don’t ask), and if so, i’ll see how my first impression holds up under a second viewing….


  1. I still need to see it!! Everyone I know already went. I can't find a sitter and I just have this thing about going alone. Silly, I guess. But I have to find a way to check it out, especially after that review.

  2. The first two movies...were...uninspiring to say the least. Stewart and Pattinson were uninspiring and not the actors I would have picked by FAR.

    In Eclipse, well I agree with you. They were stronger, had better chemistry, and the movie as a whole was much, much better.

    I, too, experienced this engagement you speak of. ;)

  3. Lisa--aw, i wish i could babysit for you so you could go see it! you'll find a way--and hopefully someone to go with!

    Melissa--i totally agree about Stewart and Pattinson. (i think i've complained to everyone i know about Stewart's monotone acting in the first two movies..) Eclipse was so much better that i actually might buy it when it comes out...and i'm glad to hear someone else gets the engagement thing! ; )

  4. Thanks for the review. Nicely done. I think I have to agree with least about the first movie. I loved the books. I haven't seen New Moon, yet, but I've heard pretty good things about Eclipse. I guess I should go see it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. i guess the good thing about reading the books is that you won't be lost if you skip the second movie and watch the third :) if you do see Eclipse, i hope you enjoy it!
    thanks, S.A.--have a great weekend, too!


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