Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wednesday weekly writing goals

DESPITE some amazingly lucky bits of what some might call "magic", my sister and her boyfriend just totally creamed me at cards. said bits of magic? i pointed at BF and said "you will give me the card i need!", and, right in the middle of my mom's speech about how "that only works in books" (cue my evil laughter), he put down the exact card i wanted. it was sweet.

then, when i was desperately losing, i said, "i am going to draw a wild!" and i did.

but it was not enough to win. :(

fortunately, weekly goals are not luck. you can control them.

and on that note, i made my goal this week!! YAY!!

my goal for the upcoming week:

well, i'm going to take SA Larsen's suggestion and just focus on cultivating a more positive attitude towards writing (no more ah! i have to write 1000 words today to stay on goal! somebody help me...) AND i want to make sure i'm taking time to really enjoy the books i'm reading, not just rush through them. sometimes i feel like i've just gulped down a novel without even tasting it--that's not the way to read!!

after all, if i'm not taking time to enjoy reading and writing and i'm getting burned out, something is not right. i'm happy with what the goals have helped me accomplish--but i don't want to push myself too far. this week will be about re-focusing.

SO! as always, i encourage you to participate! OR, you can join SA Larsen's Check-In Challenge for some alternative writing accountability! (as i mentioned in Tuesday's post, in two weeks i will switch over to the Check-In's schedule.)

either way, keep writing and setting goals and, most important, HAVING FUN!!! because that's what this is all about. at least, when it isn't about pushing yourself ; )


  1. haha that's right out of the book The Secret!

    good advice to give ourselves...

  2. i haven't read it, so i didn't know! haha

  3. Nice to have a magical card game, even if you didn't win. Good for you for making your goals! Whatever works for you, do it.

  4. thanks, Theresa! i'm hoping more people will join in setting goals--if not on my blog, then over at the Check-In Challenge. goals have helped keep me writing this summer amidst all the distractions!


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