Wednesday, July 7, 2010

don't know if you've heard...

just a quick announcement this afternoon before my official post:

Barnes and Nobles has been having a Summer Warehouse Clearance Sale (free shipping to all members on their orders, too!).

(personally, the two books i was most excited about were Sarah Dessen's novels, Lock and Key ($3.58) and This Lullaby ($1.99).)

copies are limited, however, so hurry over to browse through the selection before they're all gone! (Click on the picture below to head over to the site)



  1. Thanks. I see you follow Nikki. She's one of the lovely ladies I blog with over on Oasis for YA. We'll be having a book giveaway soon, and I'm giving away Lock and Key. Thought that was kind of funny. We should be announcing it soon. Here's the addy if you're interested:

  2. Thank you so much for linking to this. I'm heading over to check out the books now! :)

  3. SAL--thanks! i'll check out that link : )

    Sandy--i hope you find something good!!


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