Saturday, July 17, 2010


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my mailbox? well, actually, i have some books I've been saving up for a while now...because i'm going on vacation, and what better activity than reading when you want to have fun??

(that was a rhetorical question)

now a close-up...

i've got Changeless by Gail Carriger, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Hieber, Midnighters by Scott Westerfeild, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, Frostbite by Richelle Mead, 13 to Life by Shannon Delany, Dark Secrets Vol. 2 by Elizabeth Chandler

i'd love to see your mailboxes, too! isn't reading great???

(that was a rhetorical question, too) <3


  1. I have 13 to life on preorder and can't wait for it to turn up

  2. Seriously thinking I need to go buy 13 to Life. Like, NOW. LOL

  3. Changeless looks awesome. Please say you'll be doing a review on it sometime?

    No one will want to see my mailbox next week, pre-semester textbook reading, yay not :(

  4. You've got some awesome one's here!!! I really need to start ordering more so I can participate in the mailbox weeks but I hate having a huge line up in my house to read, I already have several set up!!

  5. Interesting books, congratulations for these, and fun with all they

  6. Kirsty--it looks so awesome, right? i'm excited to read it, too!

    Lavender--i'll probably review it once i've read it, so i'll let you know how it is!

    S.M.--i reviewed Soulless, and i can definitely review Changeless, too! i'm HOPING it will be as good as the first--it's first on my reading list!

    Jen--thanks!! i don't really get the books the same week i mention them in the in my mailbox post...i like to put up the books i'm planning to read that week. you could just post on a few books you're about to read!


  7. 13 to Life is on my wishlist :)

    You got some awesome looking books - I hope you enjoy them all!

  8. Thank you! 13 to Life definitely seems to be popular!

  9. Yay Vampire Academy!
    I liked Last Song. Not great literature, but it was a fun read. I want to see the movie at some point. See how Miley does.

  10. Yeah, I like Vampire Academy :)
    I also read Kitchen Princess, and I loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    I'm looking forward to reading The Last Song, but I heard the movie wasn't good : ( still, maybe the reviewers are wrong!

  11. I am curious about Midnighters too! Right now I am reading Linger!!

  12. I just drool when a package of books arrives. So sexy. And what a variety of books, too. Crosses several genres. Lucky you!

  13. eeee so awesome!!! nom nom books!

  14. Christina--if Midnighters is good, i'll be sure to review it--and you should review Linger!!

    Carolina--i agree--getting a book is like a mini christmas every week!

    Tahereh--LOL thanks

  15. What great books. I love soulless and can't wait to read changeless.

  16. thanks, me too!! and thanks for following!!

  17. Great books, I can't wait to read 13 To Life! Have a great time reading them all! :)

    Mine's here.

  18. thanks, kelly! 13 to Life is SO popular for a debut novel--it's amazing!


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