Monday, July 19, 2010

ever get stuck on names for places in your story?

well, i was having this problem last night (i'm editing a chapter book for my younger cousin's birthday and i needed cool but not-too-weird names).

then i found this great site: pseudo-Elizabethan place names. it's fun just to see all the stuff it comes up with. check it out here!

ok. yes. i am a total forest fanatic. it's part of why i love fantasy so much. but seriously, aren't these pictures amazing?


  1. You're a lifesaver. I've been looking for not-too-specific names for towns in my steampunk story (I don't want to explicitly say it's set in London).

    Now I need one that generates names besides Mary and Elizabeth.

  2. WOW these are amazing, I have so many ideas just seeing these pictures, I think forests make perfect places for those fantasy worlds I love to make!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  3. J.A.--glad the timing was right! finding the right name can be so frustrating without a generator.
    for people names, i usually go to "most popular names" in XXXX year and browse the list that corresponds to my character's age...

    Jen--yay! somebody who loves forests as much as i do!!! YOU ROCK!!

  4. Ooh, thanks so much for the link! I have a lot of troubles coming up with people's and places' names, also. And those pics are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. thanks, Sandy, and you're welcome! pEpn is such an easy way to come up with names that it's kind of addictive : ) but i think those pictures could be an inspiration just on their own!

  6. Get out of my head, please, I was cranking out a new chapter today and froze up realizing I needed a town's name. I threw down *fill in town name later* and kept writing so I wouldn't break my flow.

    Epic second tree but why are all the good ones in England?!

  7. haha sorry if i was spying on your thoughts! it's hard to control myself sometimes...

    i have no idea why...maybe they just have better cameras ;D

  8. I love the name generator. Those names already have character--I want to make up stories for them!!

    Also, the pics are beautiful. I wish I could lay in a hammock and read there allllll day.

  9. Hi Molly!
    I have to pull myself away from the generator--it's too much fun to see what it come up with!
    Nature definitely tops what humans can make. It's just AMAZING. If only it weren't so far away!!! I want to go there, too!
    I hope your revisions are going well <33


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