Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fantasy friday

second-to-last fantasy friday! wow.

well, i have a great feature for today's post:

Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith

(contains very mild spoilers--all from the first two chapters of the book)
Meliara Astiar is a countess in the kingdom of Remalna, but she has none of the prestige or wealth that one might expect. Instead, her family's land's are falling into disrepair, taxed to their limit by the greedy King Galdran. When Meliara and her brother receive word that the abominable king intends to break The Covenant (between the Hill Folk and the Remalnans) for his own gain, they reach their breaking point. They declare war on the king--despite being impossibly outnumbered and outmatched.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. it's one that i am always happy to pick up and re-read. it never gets old.

first of all, Meliara is not whiny or helpless--despite being smaller and weaker than ALL of her opponents, she never gives in because she believes in what she is fighting for.

also, i love the setting--the forest in the mountains where Meliara lives, a kingdom with a court and intrigue, the magical conveniences for everyday life, all of it. this is pretty much my ideal fantasy setting.

I CAN'T TELL YOU ABOUT THE OTHER THINGS I LOVE. too many spoilers. but i will says this:

i laughed while reading this book. i held my breath, i sighed, i cringed, i lived vicariously, i fell in love. it inspired real emotions and reactions--and at the end, it left me wanting more.

i know some people complained that this book was "predictable", and maybe it was. but then again, didn't we all know that Harry Potter was going to survive the first six books so he would make it to the seventh (or wait, did i just give that away?!?). sometimes predictability doesn't hurt--it doesn't even matter. the story is enjoyable anyway.

i thought that was the case here.

anyway, i want to do something a little different. i want to invite YOU to share your favorite (or one of them, anyway) fantasy read! what book do you read again and again and again
and again....?

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