Tuesday, July 20, 2010

weekly writing goal wednesday comes to an end

but don't be sad--i'll be back every friday with links to S.A. Larsen's weekly Check-In Challenge!

and on that note, fantasy friday is now switching to wednesday. (still working on a catchy title...)

so. today is the last wednesday for goal-setting (i made my goal for the week). my new deadline is friday, nine days from today.

ALSO, one last little minor announcement...

i'm going to be gone on vacation for 10 days starting tomorrow! YAY!!!!!

the only things is, i may get so caught up hanging out with my MULTITUDES of cousins that i won't have much time to blog, so i might be kind of absent...

just a heads up.

with this in mind, my goal is to WRITE every day, and to READ as many of my vacation books (books i saved for this trip) as possible! hopefully all of them!!

so, i'll visit as often as i can, and try to stop by all your blogs. meanwhile, don't forget to set YOUR weekly goal, too!

and i'll be announcing a CONTEST very, very soon, so don't forget to stop by!

(this will be me in a couple of days!!!)


  1. Great news! Enjoy your vacation. I'm hoping to take one next month. Phew... Thanks for the plug for my blog. I really appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog today!! Feel free to pick it up when you get back. http://bit.ly/c18hpH

  2. oooo vacation sounds good! Have fun and be careful!!!!

    So I still have some revision on my beginning to get done before midnight tonight to wrap up this week's goal.

    My next goal that will be due next Fri will be...hmm...A read through of my printed out MS, with light editing.

  3. Remember to have fun in between all that reading & writing during your vacation!

    Maybe with the new scenery you'll be able to come up with that awesome title for Wednesday.

  4. I love the photos. Have a great vacation! I hope you get to read, write, relax, and have plenty of fun.

  5. S.A.--Oh my gosh, i can't believe you gave me an award! i can hardly type...thank you SO MUCH!!

    Molly--i will be as careful as reasonably possible ; ) your goal is AWESOME.

    SM--i haven't had time to read or hardly even write yet!! where did all these cousins come from???

    Theresa--thanks so much! i plan to do just that : )


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