Friday, June 11, 2010

3(3) things you never knew about me

Kirsten (also known as Kirsty and Kiki, i just learned) from A Romantic Enters the World just tagged me! so now i have to (ie, get to) tell you random things about me in wonderful clusters of three! (at least, i think they get to be random...i might be breaking the rules. shhh... )

three colors i love
lilac, yellow, brown

three hobbies i do/have done: figure skating, horseback riding, hiking

three movies i love: The Notebook, The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice

three authors i love: Sarah Dessen, Dianna Wynne Jones, Stephenie Meyer

three bands i love: my chemical romance, evanescence, nickelback

three things i want to do: land a triple jump, get published, graduate college with a 4.0 (whether i actually ever do any of those things is irrelevant ; ) )

three pets i've had 3 of: beta fish, snakes, and hermit crabs

three famous people i am descended from: (according to King Alfred the Great, John Alden (from Mayflower), Frank Vittor (a Pittsburg sculptor)

three people i am tagging: Molly (Olleymay), Lisa, and Kate

*also, visit Sandy Shin on her blog to possibly win a free copy of Matched!!!


  1. aww this was awesome, Kari! i can't believe i missed this post earlier! hehe P&P is one of my fave movies too!! (AND FAVE BOOKS!)


  2. ohhh I went AWOL this weekend. So sorry! Lilac is a very nice color. Yay! Now I have a topic for another post :)

  3. Tahereh--lol don't worry, i just planned to leave the post up for a while : ) (and i love the book pride and prejudice, too!)

    Molly--hope you don't mind being tagged! and i was AWOL this weekend,too. : ) i can't wait to read YOUR post!!


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