Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wildlife wednesday

okay. i'm sure you did not see this one coming. but, remember that new camera i got? i've been playing with it again. and remember that thing about not taking anymore pics of my family mems? yeah, that's still in effect, too. so i went out in my backyard. (i took all of these IN MY BACKYARD). yeah, i totally have an awesome backyard. and a camera obsession.

a hummingbird eating from our feeder

a hummingbird sitting in our mesquite tree

Waxy, our tortoise

Waxy, our hungry tortoise

a cute quail. his mate is just beyond the range of the camera

who knew we had dragonflies, too??

one of our big spiny lizards. he started doing push-ups on the wall about 2 seconds after this

another spiny. i couldn't get close--sorry it's so blurry.

this one's actually an update: the mother just flew off, so i had a clear shot for a sec. or at least, semi-clear. it's a bit fuzzy : )

pictures speak louder than words. but who says you can't use both? i think they're both great

anyway, like the pics? what would you see in YOUR backyard? squirrels? raccoons? butterflies? your dog?

*update: ZOMG the awesomest giveaway is going on over at YA Highway--hundreds of thanks to Kate for the link. Enter to win lots of BOOKS!!!!


  1. holy COW. that's amazing!!

    um, my backyard is a city skyline. lol. i don't have a backyard.

    but sooo cool!!

  2. Thanks! and a skyline would be totally cool, too! that's what i'll have in a couple years when i move closer to my university...but for now, i get the animals.

  3. That's amazing. Great pictures! That camera does an awesome job too.

  4. Thanks, Lisa!! i love my camera...i could take pics with it all kinda feels like cheating to use pics for a blog post, though!

  5. You should love your camera. It takes fantastic images. But much of the praise should go to you, the taker of the pictures.

    I, too, wish to be published. Maybe one day we will walk down a bookstore aisle and see each other's names on our latest bestseller. A great dream, right? Roland

  6. Thanks, Roland! and thank you SO MUCH for following!!!

    that would be awesome! do you have a book you're querying, yet? (i have to admit, i don't. but i will one day!)


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