Wednesday, May 26, 2010

truthful thursday

i've really gone crazy with the alliteration this week, haven't i?

but i do have a critically important question. CRITICAL, PEOPLE. and i want the truth.

ahem. here goes.

if you could be any fictional character (walk in their shoes, in the story), who would you be?

deep, right?

i was thinking this question through. first, i thought Howl's Moving Castle. it's one of my very favorite books. BUT as much as i love this story, there's no way i'd want to be Sophie Hatter--or rather, go through what Sophie goes through (this will make sense if you've read the book). so scratch that one.

perhaps Melanie Stryder in my other favorite book (The Host)? uh, wait, i live in Phoenix, and no air conditioning (plus alien domination) are definitely BAD. scratch.

Hermione Granger? too much dangerous magic, plus she marries Ron. (sorry, Ron.) that one's out.

how about Meliara Astiar from Crown Duel/Court Duel (my favorite duet)? there's danger, but just enough to make things exciting. court life. intrigue. mysterious romance.

i would so be Meliara.

who would you be, and why?


  1. OMG OMG OMG the answer is SO MANY PEOPLE.

    for a long time i wanted to be Rory from Gilmore Girls. then i wanted to be Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice. then i wanted to be Katniss from Hunger Games and then i realized what that would mean and changed my mind. and then i wanted to be Hermione (Ron's not too bad!), and uh..

    yea. pretty much i just want to be the protagonist in every story i love. le sigh.


  2. haha i thought of Katniss, too, but a struggle for my life against a bunch of other teenagers/kids...not so much.
    my mom calls me Rori every time we watch Gilmore Girls (and we've watched it A LOT). it was our favorite show for forever.

    what great choices, though : ) you would make a great witty Elizabeth!

  3. hmmmm...I would love to be Hermione.

    MMMM there are so many people I would like to be.

    There used to be this show called Quantum Leap where this guy could be other people for like a couple days and pretty much help them through the climaxes of their lives. I want to do that for book characters!!!

  4. YES!!! that would be awesome!! (i actually imagine this happening all the time...)


    and it was all your idea...(you Are brilliant. you would make a great Hermione.)


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