Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's tellmewhatyouthink tuesday!

what a surprise, right? tellmewhatyouthink--a revolutionary idea!

but i have a question i've been kinda thinking about for a while. NaNoWriMo last fall got a free proof copy of a book from CreateSpace.com, an offer which expires June 1st.

however, i read a post by Kristen Nelson where she mentioned that having a barcode that doesn't show any sales can make it hard to find a publisher. my free proof copy would get a barcode assigned to my title, but i'm not going to be selling anything.

so what do you think? is anything really "free"? do you think the disadvantages might be greater than the benefit of having a book to share with my friends and family? or should i go for it?

p.s. i'm totally excited! Tahereh's contest ended last night, so we should find out the winners, uh, soon? and i'm curious to know what number she was thinking of....


  1. hmmm.. i don't know if i totally understand what you mean here -- is CreateSpace like an Self-publishing thing??

    if so, it might be better to ask an agent for professional advice..? or maybe look through the AW threads? the mods there would be able to help. i'd hate to give wrong/bad advice.

    best of luck with that, though!

    and HANG TIGHT! i will announce the contest winners next monday, hehe. SORRY FOR THE WAIT, but there are a lot of entries to go through, and not enough time for everything! i need the weekend :P


  2. Tahereh needs to get her act together and tell us who won!!!

    (Just kidding about the get-her-act-together part)

    I do agree with her advice. Absolutewrite would probably have the real legit answers to this question.

    However, I doubt that one free proof of your book could do much harm. Like you said, it's for fun, not for selling.

    Don't take my word for it tho!!!

  3. haha no pressure, Tahereh. it would take me quite a while to read all those entries, too, let alone judge them!! we'll just be counting down the days... ; )

    and yes, CreateSpace is a self-publishing website...i'd never heard of them before NaNoWriMo

    Molly-that's what i figured, i could just explain that it's one copy, that's why it didn't sell. but i'll definitely take your (plural) advice and do a little research!

    thanks!!! <3 (one GIANT heart)

    <3333 (and lots of little ones for good measure and to thank you for good advice)


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