Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

so i had this idea.

hey--stop laughing! i have good ideas sometimes!!

anyway. today is a super-crazy day for me. I have two finals tomorrow to study for, classes to go to, homework to catch up on, blogs to read, and last-minute Mother's Day shopping to do!!

(btw, just a heads up, Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY. just in case you forgot. i'm not saying you did...but just in case.)

so i was bemoaning my super-crazy day, and then...it hit me.

sometimes YOU have super-crazy days, too!!!! and maybe they're even crazier than mine!!!!!

*insert shocked face* 'o'

so here's my idea. why don't you tell me about some crazy day you had, only, in the interest of keeping it internet-anonymous, you could tell the story in third person. you can also give everybody code names (like your boyfriend/husband/significant other can be Darcy. and you can be Elizabeth! and anyone annoying can be a Wickham. OR you can pick your own characters, like if you have kids, you could take a Dr. Seuss approach and call them Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

sound good? are you majorly excited??

excellent. i'll go first. (this will not be in third person. i have trouble writing in third person for some reason)

ahem, ahem.

so i (Elizabeth) had been stressing all day about my big night with Darcy.
should i wear my hair up or down?
should i dress casual, flirty, or formal??
should i use the hot pink mascara or the electric blue???
why is getting ready for a date so much harder for the girl than the guy????

it was a difficult afternoon.

when Darcy finally arrived, i was far from ready. my hair wasn't fixed. i had decided to go for a casually flirty look, but my perfect pair of shoes was missing!! half my eyelashes were pink and the other half were blue!!!

but i couldn't keep Darcy waiting, so i wiped off the mascara, pulled on the nearest pair of heels, and ran downstairs.

the night did not improve.

when we reached the restaurant, Darcy came around to my side of the car to open the door. thanks to my distraction, i didn't notice and whacked him with the door as i got out.

during dinner, i got salad stuck in my teeth, spilled water on my blouse, and accidentally snorted pasta when Darcy related an amusing anecdote. (yes, we were eating Italian. i think i also had garlic breath)

needless to say, i was stressed.

sensing my deperation for this humilating night to end, Darcy kindly suggested taking me home early. i agreed .

when we reached my front doorstep, i was sure Darcy was going to turn and run for the hills (or rather, his car). but he didn't. he didn't seem to be at all put off by my embarrasing gracelessness this evening. instead, he was leaning in towards me. i felt a fluttery sensation welling up in my chest as my eyelids drifted closed...

a light flared and the front door swung open. Darcy and i spun guilitly to see Wickham (my tyrannical brother) standing in the doorway.

"Elizabeth! you're back," Wickham said jovially. "thanks, Darcy, for bringing her home safely." the words were loaded with a subtle but clear message: the night was over.

"bye, Darcy," i said hurriedly before Wickham could do any more damage. "i had a...great time tonight."

he smiled, turned slightly so Wickham couldn't see, and winked. then, he was gone.

okay, you caught me. i made this up. but comparing it to my day today sure makes me feel better!

so what do you say? ready to give it a try? you don't even have to use a real story--you're a writer, right? you can make it up, too!

come on, what are you waiting for???


  1. ooo...I want your mascara!!! I will have to think up a witty story. I started writing about my crazy honeymoon, but then BACKSPACED because, well, I know that story. I want to write a story I don't know. Perhaps after work, since my boss keeps walking by wondering why I'm commenting on a pretty colored blog page instead of wrapping up the month end accounting...blech.

  2. lol i figured it might take a while to put together a story, so i thought i'd leave this up for another day or two (plus, i have to leave for my first final in fifteen minutes and i don't really have time to write a whole post today!)

    i also think you must have a gift with compliments--you always say the nicest things that make me smile for the rest of the day (even if i think i might fail my finals...)

    : ) <3

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  4. OMG I had to delete my first version bc the typos were so bad. I must need sleep. Let me try again, please, please...

    Roberto came around the corner, a leash in his hand.

    "What have you got there?" I smiled, he always bought me the most thoughtful gifts.

    The creature on the other end of the leash stepped into view and my eyes widened until I was afraid my contacts would pop out. "Is that a--"

    He flashed a shiny grin. "Exactly, darling. A unicorn zebra. They're quite rare. Like you, my flower." Dang it. That rolling accent always made my heart do flips.

    Through the window I saw Wickham, my evil landlord, spying on us. "Animals over thirty pounds are an extra fifty bucks a month," he shouted.

    My unicorn zebra shuffled up to me and nosed my hand. I'll name it Kissy-face.

    "Don't worry, I'll make it work," I said, standing tip-toe to give Roberto a kiss.

    ***(lol, sorry it's friday and I needed to laugh! Have a great weekend :))***

  5. Yay!! that's the spirit! hahaha great story :) (and of course you get a redo, you have no idea how many times i edit my comments, lol)

    btw, do you know where i can get one of those unicorn zebras? i'm sure i can get my parents to agree...uni zebras can't be that different from dogs, right??

    anyway, i hope your weekend is EVEN MORE fun than mine!! and don't stop laughing!! (unless you need sleep, sleep is always good too)


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