Monday, May 24, 2010


yesterday was my graduation party, and guess what i got from my parents!!!


i have been terrorizing my family ever since, snapping photos right and left.
(i think their generous patience may be running out, though)

so i turned to a new subject: my books!

aren't they photogenic??

book shelf 1

my twilight collection : )

book shelves 2 & 3 and my desk plus graduation cards

my summer reading pile minus the books i've read so far

i also made videos of all my books (i'm going to try to post them on the side in the gadget area because Blogger is taking offense with me puting them in my post, so look --> sometime soon, and maybe you'll find them?)

...did i mention that i really like my camera??

Anyhow, did YOU do anything fun this weekend??



    looooove that the first thing you did with your new camera was to take pictures of BOOKS YOU SMART GIRL!!


  2. Looks like quite a collection.

    Sheesh...I would be soooo embarassed if someone took a picture of my bookshelves. The dust. The trophies from third grade. But the books. The books are the best part!!

    Happy Graduation :)

  3. Tahereh--i will confess that your book shelves were my inspiration. your book shelves are incomparably awesome. (keep the shoes!!!)

    Molly--i'm trying to put up these videos of me slowly scrolling along my book shelves to show off the books...hopefully i'll get them up tomorrow...yes, i am obsessed

  4. ooh, i just found your contest entry, Molly. i LOVE it!!! <33333333

    it's brilliant. i would give it first place. partly because it doesn't mention Twilight like half the other entries (including mine....)

    more HEARTS. and laughter.

  5. Oh nice. Congratulations on your graduation! Love how you photographed all of your books.

  6. haha thanks, Lisa. i know, photographing books is a little weird, but they look so pretty!!!


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