Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial monday

as an American writer, i am especially grateful to the US veterans and soldiers that died in combat. after all, is because of these brave men and women that i and my fellow Americans have the freedom of speech and freedom of opinions so i can write.

perhaps the most striking example was in Nazi Germany where they burned books:

how different life would be if the world had been taken over by communists.

also, consider living in a middle eastern country where women are inferior to men. somehow, even if they didn't mind their citizens reading fantasy novels, i don't think they would be letting me write.

living here in America, it is easy to take these rights for granted. after all, they just make sense. they are RIGHTS. but so many people don't have these rights. how many girls and boys are living somewhere in this world, never to share their amazing thoughts and fantastical ideas because they don't have the opportunity? the education? the RIGHT?

Memorial Day is a chance for me and my fellow Americans to take a pause and reflect what we could lose if our soldiers did not lay down their lives for our freedoms.

to all of them, i say THANK YOU


  1. I completely agree. It makes me sad that such an awesome holiday has turned into such a brainless party day.

    Your post totally made me think about people who could probably never afford a laptop in their lives. They're more concerned with food and shelter. wow. I'm so spoiled. I never could have written my book w/o my laptop or if I was starving or cold all the time.

    Thanks for making me more grateful.

  2. and think of all the stories (nonfic) that they'd have to write!

    yes, i'm extremely spoiled, too. and not just because i can write! i'm glad you liked the post!

    i'd say, "i hope you have a good weekend," but it's already over and it sounds like you did anyway!! : )



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