Friday, August 20, 2010

goal-setting friday

so, clearly "write every day" is not my strong suit. i have now failed (very dismally!) at this goal twice! since i've just started school again (my first semester at ASU), maybe this isn't the best goal to try to tackle again.... instead, my goal will be to make time for writing at least once this week. that sounds do-able!

your turn! how'd you do on your last goal? what's the goal for this week? cultivate a more positive attitude? read five books out of that TBR pile? (because we all know that reading HELPS with our own writing, of course!!) write a chapter of your WIP? two chapters? 4k works???

come on, help me out! what's your goal??

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  1. I thought I'd finish the draft of my wip a week ago, but now it looks like I need a few more weeks.

  2. wow, it's exciting that you're nearly done with the draft, though! good luck finishing it : )

  3. My goal became a moot point when the prof changed his mind about finishing the book before class began. Not so happy about that. Now live or die gotta finish packing by SUNDAY or doom, death, end of world sort of horror will begin.

  4. if only those professors would make up their minds...i had problems getting books because they said different things in class than online!

    Anyway, have fun packing! I hope you finish by Sunday : ) lol


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