Tuesday, June 29, 2010

not really a teaser tuesday...

i wanted to post something i'd written, but none of my stories are really at the point where i can post teasers for them. SO, i thought i'd post a character sketch i wrote last fall, only instead of inserting it in this post, i'm going to create a link to it over on the side (right under the friends box)--->

i've found character sketches to be very useful when i'm trying to figure out a new character for my story. i imagine a scene that that character might find him/herself in, and then i see how they react.

it's actually really fun--and not quite as hard as it sounds!

what about you? how do you develop YOUR characters?


  1. I have never thought of doing this. I tend to look up my characters online and mold them from various existing people. This is a great idea though! I may start doing this myself. :)

  2. thanks, Cindy! the best thing about this method, too, is sometimes you can even use the scene you write in your story! good luck : )


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