Tuesday, June 29, 2010

INCONSISTENCIES! and wednesday writing goals, too.

have you ever started editing a story, only to realize that your prose is peppered with inconsistencies?

this is happening to me a lot today.

example: my dragon is named Gillian or something in chapter 2, and by chapter three, it's Kirrian.

also: said dragon glows in chapter 2--and doesn't glow again afterward.

yet again: character is introduced as having dark skin. later, there is no mention of this....

some of the mistakes are embarrassing. some of them are stupid. some of them are downright funny (i am taking these particular examples with me to the grave.).

am i the only one that this happens to? please say no...

AND, on a completely-side-tracked-barely-related-not-really-relevant-at-all topic, it is wednesday!! which means...weekly writing goals! *gasp!*

deadline for last week's goal: anytime today. aren't i amazingly benevolent? i didn't even state a particular time....
*i will add an update today when i reach last week's goal. i have not yet as of this post's original publication... (BUT I AM NOT WORRIED, NO NOT ONE BIT)

and, my goal for next week: hm...let's say...7.5k words. not specifically fiction, but preferably fiction. that gives me some wiggle room ; )

as always, i encourage you to set your own goal as well! just mention it in the comments section below, and then come back next wednesday to congratulate/commiserate.

*UPDATE: i made my goal!! i even beat it! this week's new goal is a bit tougher--i should have my work cut out for me!!


  1. Okay, so if I actually hit my goal tonight,
    then my goal will be only 20 pgs of revision and at least 2 books read :).

  2. i like your new goal! (reading, why didn't i think of that??)

    and GOOD LUCK HITTING YOUR GOAL!!! you can do it!!


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