Monday, May 17, 2010

an announcement

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! KEEP READING IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! (not that i'm insinuating any threats, but it's really that important!!)

i am announcing a contest.

no, not my own!!! it is Tahereh's contest and it calls for you to draw upon all your writerly skills to create an entry that will amuse Tahereh and perhaps allow you to win AMAZING PRIZES!!!

(omg, i am so not kidding, either.)

seriously. check it out.

i had a great time writing my entry and i know you will, too!

(oh, and how was my weekend?? tyvm for asking, it was lovely. i sunbathed by my pool, sipping smoothies and re-reading Poison Study. some of the time. in between chores and stuff. and how were your weekends?)

*important update: i just read Kirsten's (owner of A Romantic Enters the World blog) latest post. it's fantastic--she truly captures the emotions and stages of the writing process. i had to post a link. please, if you have ever attempted to write a book, you should really click. Like, now!


  1. ahhh....I so have to figure out my bestie story with Tahereh lol. Those are awesome prizes.

    Your weekend sounds fabulous. Lucky. I mucked about in the mud and rain since all it did was pour over here. But today it's sunny and 70 so I can't complain too much lol.


    Molly--i was totally intimidated by writing a bestie story at first, but i think it's the unusual projects i end up enjoying the most. i actually loved writing it! you can do it, too!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    hahahahaha what will you think when i tell you i was hoping it would rain yesterday?? (it didn't, btw...)

    Kirsten--no problem! you have a great blog, and i really loved that post. i had to find a way to share it! i guess that's what blogs are for...

  3. hahahaaaa you are awesome!!! thanks for the super amazing linkage, love!

    you rock!!


  4. perhaps you will remember this when i enter the contest, no? (asking can't hurt!)

    and thank YOU for hosting this amazing, crazy, fake-bestie story contest!! regardless of who wins, it's insanely fun!!

    and ty for commenting! <3's back!


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