Sunday, April 18, 2010

i want to hear from you!!

HEY! (whoa, sorry, didn't mean to startle you. sheesh.)

anyway...straight to business.
this is a shout-out to anyone who has ever had a book-related opinion that they wanted to share. this is a summons for every bookaholic who—

wait—who am i??

okay, i suppose that’s a fair question if i’m going to be asking you to share all your deep dark secrets. in fact, i’m rather flattered that you asked :D


i am that girl who is always eying the comfy chairs at bookstores (which are invariably filled with senior citz who never acknowledge my presence…or consider giving up their snug seats--just because i am younger. i mean, come on. it's not my fault.)

i am that girl who instead sprawls awkwardly in abandoned book isles, waiting to trip unwary browsers (btw, i guess this is my chance to apologize to all of you who i have tripped in the past. (sorry…))

i am a girl with far too much time on her hands (actually, not really true) and far too many books (oh, yes, that’s true) who wonders if she is the only one out there with far too much time and far too many books:

enter you (i hope)

which bring us to...


(this one’s easy…)

have you ever read a book so mind-explodingly wonderful that you spent the entire subsequent week telling anyone who would listen about it?

do you tick the days off one by one on your calendar as you await the long-awaited release of a favorite author’s book??

do you find yourself increasingly outnumbered and outmatched as books begin to form insidious—and shocking large—piles around your home??? (yes! yes! yes! this is ME!!! ….oh, wait. sorry. ahem. i was supposed to be asking you)

and lastly….

do you ever secretly carry books around in your purse when you leave the house? (i know, i know, it's scary to admit it, but don’t worry. i swear i won’t give you away. contraband books are always ardently revered here.)

and yes, i mean YOU!!!!

i want to know what you think! i want your answers to my forthcoming questionnaires! Some of them may be—indeed, will be—difficult (tears are almost guaranteed when i ask for your all-time favorite book, but do not fear, i will not think less of you for them), but please this is for the greater good.


“….[edit edit edit]…this is for posterity, so please, be honest

because we—i—want to know what you really think.

real questionnaires are coming soon. please stay tuned.


  1. OMG FIRST COMMENT EVER ON YOUR BLOG?? (maybe? maybe???)

    ahem ahem.

    1. YES.
    2. YES!
    3. YES!!
    4. UM. HELLZ YES.

    heheh loving your blog already!
    great post!!


  2. O

    a comment.

    you are my bestiest bestie for eternity!!! <3

    just a moment, please, i'm kind of hyperventilating
    (breathe, breathe, BREATHE!!!)
    okay. i'm better.

    thank you so much for commenting!!! i love your blog, too!! :)

  3. I have absolutely read books that move me. I'll be driving along and wonder where those characters might be now. That's why I'm always so grateful for series books. :)
    I carry books with me everywhere. I desperately need to get a Kindle. (You hear that anyone who might be buying me a gift.) Ahem, okay, probably no one but a girl can give it a shot right.
    Thanks for the comment on my review. Have an awesome day!

  4. Thank You For Commenting, Lisa!!!

    these reassurances of like-minded people are so, well, reassuring! i really appreciate the time you take to comment :)

    i've been eying those Kindles myself, but Amazon still doesn't have ebooks for a lot of the books i want to i'm holding off. the books continue to multiply around me (sometimes, i think, spontaneously).
    if you get a Kindle, though, let me know how you like it!

    and thank you again--i hope YOU have an awesome day!!

    <3 <3

  5. ha! First of all The Princes Bride is like my favorite movie and that is one of my favorite lines, too.

    Second of all, as much as a I love reading, I have yet to love a book quite this much since the good old adolescent days of Narnia and Harry Potter.

    I would love to find another book I love that much!

  6. needless to say, The Princess Bride is pretty much my favorite movie too. hence the quoting.

    i know what you mean. i have read so many books, but so few ever measure up to books like Narnia and HP.
    there are a few others, though, that i do love at least nearly that much. Pride and Prejudice, Howl's Moving Castle, The Hobbit, Crown Duel/Court Duel. And i have a lot of other favorites...

    i should put up a poll about fav book genres :)
    what kinds of books do you like?

    and THANK YOU for commenting!! every comment feels like a surprise birthday present... : }

    which reminds me, i should head over to your blog and look for that exclusive interview...


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