Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i hate alarm clocks

so...last night was an interesting, momentous occasion.

(i should probably post a pic so you know what the heck i'm talking about. look below)

i know. i know what you are thinking.


no!!!! no!!!! not that part!!! not even the part about Tahereh commenting!!! i mean the part about this being at 12.27 AM and how i had to wake up again only 8.5 hours later!!


see?? alarm clocks deserve my wrath. no person should have to wake up at 8:57 IN THE MORNING!

okay. enough whining. i will get my comeuppance this afternoon when i sleep in the sun. besides, i recovered as soon as i saw that i had my second comment and MY FIRST FOLLOWER.

today marks a very important day.

it is the release of my first official, real, GENUINE QUESTIONNAIRE

are you ready?


question number one.

when you leave for vacation, what is your formula for calculating the number of books to bring?

a. [days gone]x[250]/[number of pages rounded to nearest hundred]. plus one extra. just in case.

b. oh, i keep it simple. one book a day.

c. are you kidding me?? one for the flight there and back--vacations are for R&R!!

d. a formula? like math?! no way. i just stuff some favorites novels in whichever of my 5 bags has room and i'm good to go!

question number two.

is your head still spinning from question number one?

a. nope. i'm good.

b. head...number...question...spinning....spinning...spinning

question number three.

should i refrain from asking any mathematical questions in future?

a. math? was there math? i didn't notice

b. yes! what kind of person asks mathematical questions on a writing blog??

c. whatever...i just go with the flow...whatever makes you happy*

*(just a hint: this is the correct answer)

so...am i the only person who answers 'a'? (except on the question where the correct answer is 'c', of course)

don't spare my feelings. i want to know!!

okay, okay, in all seriousness, i will be making several(?) poll(s) available, after i figure out how... ; )

*one last little note. sorry it took so long to get the post out...i had issues with transferring the pic...i blame BlackBerry. i had to write it out on the computer instead.

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