Thursday, January 13, 2011

some more challenges....

hey all! i've scrounged up some more interesting book challenges for 2011. here's one of them:

Into the Old World Challenge

i have to read 12 books in 2011 that were published before 2009. my (incomplete) list is below:

  1. A Study in Scarlet
  2. Sign of the Four
  3. Aurelia
  4. The Choice
  5. Sweep Vol. 1
  6. That Summer
  7. Midnighters: The Secret Hour
  8. Howl's Moving Castle
  9. Eon
  10. Never Eat Alone
  11. The Fellowship of the Ring
  12. Ella Enchanted
  13. To Kill a Mockingbird
Challenge completed May 18th.


  1. this challenge is right up my alley! I read "old" books more often than latest releases.

  2. Any twelve books? Because I've got a list of titles I'm working through atm, if you need any suggestions.

  3. Kathie--yeah, i know, new releases get kind of expensive...i lean towards them, too

    SM Schmidt--i'm pretty sure, any twelve books! i only put the ones on here that i've already read...i don't think i'll need any more suggestions, but if i do, i'll definitely ask you!


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