Friday, September 10, 2010

weekly goal-setting

hey everybody, sorry i missed this post last week. too much craziness with school!

for now, i'm just going to stick with finding some time to work on writing at least once a week (to keep me sane). i find i have a new appreciation for people with busy schedules!

my greater focus this month and next will be on reading. nothing works as well as reading when i need to forget about studying for a while!

how have you been? have you been setting writing goals, or is busy, crazy life getting to you, too? what have you been reading lately? and what's your writing/reading goal this week? when every day is full of work or an endless to do checklist, setting goals seems like the only way to get anything done! besides, when the week is done, it's nice to look back and say, "yes, i did do something this week. i wrote...3000 words of my WIP!" (disclaimer: not actually true. just used as an example)

what do you want to accomplish this week?

(also, you may have noticed the new look on my page. i'm still not sure how i like it, but i don't really have time to finish it yet! feel free to tell me what you think....especially about the read-ability!)

also, check out this awesome site for more motivational pictures!


  1. Great photos. I've begun switching my 2nd completed YA novel from 3rd to 1st POV. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment, but a few peeps think it might liven it up a bit, give it a teen edge. I'm on it. Good luck to you.

  2. thanks! i think you need the wishes for good luck, though--switching POV's? ouch! congrats on finishing the novel, though!

  3. Congrats on finding writing time first month of the semester! I normally have to wait till mid-semester when things even out.

    The big picture goal this week is to learn how to write serious "professional" blog posts for the research I'm doing this semester. Smaller picture, taking more breaks away from the computer monitor to start reading the Heir trilogy.

  4. serious, professional blog posts--sounds fun...or not. good luck!

    the Heir trilogy is very diverting! it's wonderful when you want a distraction--but the books are so hard to put down!! happy reading : )

  5. I really like these photos and am going to hop over to that site to look at some more. Thanks.

    I'm focusing on reading at the moment as well. School is a bit too much - already, man this sucks - and until I get into the flow I just don't think writing is in the picture.

    This weekend I want to finish paranormalcy and start on clockwork angel!

  6. I'm hoping to finish my account folio as soon as possible. I love your blog layout!

  7. It's always so hard for me to do what I know I SHOULD do priority-wise versus what I WANT to do.

    Please accept this award for your blog - Life Is Good Award!!

  8. I love the look of your page! As for my goals, ugh, I'm falling behind this week. But I plan to remedy that today! Two chapters to write and the first draft of this book is finished!!!

  9. Melissa--yay! i'm glad you liked the pictures. good luck with school! i'm only taking 13 credits, and i've still barely found time to write. i hope you enjoy Paranormalcy--i just got that one and i'm so excited to read it!

    Aik--good luck and thank you!

    Jessi--haha, that's so true. and thank you!! oh my gosh, you're so sweet!

    Heather--thank you! tackle that WIP!! you can do it!! good luck : )


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