Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a welcome and the last day of my contest

this weekend, i was in Yosemite to get my new puppy! (long story why).

in addition to pictures of some beautiful scenery, i brought back a new member of my family.

rule number one: no laying on the couch. already repealed.

rule number two: no going upstairs. temporarily on hold.

rule number three: no people food. still in effect...most of the time. it's good to know we can hold to something!

also, in blog-related news, this is the last day to enter my giveaway. be sure to enter if you haven't already!

here are a couple pictures from my trip, too:

i hope you all had weekends as wonderful as mine!


  1. He's adorable.

    I love your disclaimer. I was once a drug rep. I went to an office one day with this sign in the front window:

    We shoot every third drug rep, and the second one just left.

    I thought it was funny. Apparently some people didn't. It was removed. I should try something like that for my blog. :D

  2. Oh lord! I remember when we first brought home our German shepherd Dora from the shelter. German shepherds are smart dogs but Dora is just too smart for her own good. *shakes head* She knows how to bypass us in order to get into the garbage (we now call her a garbage hound. XD) She also takes up residence on my bed now. And when I tell her get off, she looks at me like I'm crazy. Smart aleck.

    XD Dogs are fun though. My grandmother got Dora a Dora the Explorer toy. Never knew my grandmother could have a sense of humor. XD

    Those are AWESOME pictures! Very pretty country. Not like I'm speaking from experience. I've never been farther west than Chicago. *shrug*

    Anyways! I entered your contest a while ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! (I'd cross my toes, too, but it makes it very awkward for walking. XD)

    Hasta luego, chica!


  3. Pretty puppy!!! Beautiful picture!!! Did I tell you I love long stories? I'd love to hear why you went there to snag your puppy, but maybe that's reserved for another day!

    YAY FOR YOUR AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!! I gave you huge love on last weeks blog post and a special sidebar just for you, and of course an obsesive amount of tweeting, what can I say, I love this contest!!!

  4. Gorgeous shots of Yosemeti! Congrats on the new puppy (and learning how to bend the rules lol).

  5. Looking forward to the giveaway, Kari. Congratulations on the adorable pup!

    Scribbler to Scribe

  6. aww! how sweet! (and he's already got you wrapped around his little... claw?)
    gorgeous pics!

  7. Stina--LOL that is a funny sign. so sad that they had to take it down!

    Amelia--haha, i think my little pup is shaping up to be too smart for her own good, too.
    your grandma clearly has an excellent sense of humor! And thanks, i have a new-found appreciation for taking pictures out the window of a car going 60 mph. most of them are rubbish : )

    Jen--thank you so much! i've been so excited about how many people are participating in this contest, and every time i stop by someone's blog and see an announcement, it makes me so happy!
    lol, i'd tell the story, but i'm afraid of boring my followers to death! it's not THAT fascinating : )

    SM--thanks! and the truth is, i am a pro at rule-bending. the problem is my mom, but fortunately, Sasha's sweet face and personality seem to have won her over! mwahahaha

    Mesmerix--thanks! i'm excited to see who wins, too!

    aspiring x--yep, i'm just a big pushover. i always thought i'd be a strict parent, but if Sasha had oposable thumbs, i suspect i'd spend a lot of time tied up in the closet while she ran wild ; )

  8. Awww! I want a puppy! And I'm so excited that the contest is almost over, I can't wait to see who wins! And I also wish that I got to go to Yosemite, it looks gorgeous :)

  9. That tree is gorgeous.

    Cute puppy. Glad to see you're (mostly) sticking to rule #3.

  10. Tiana--lol, now the hard part of the contest for me, picking two random winners! can't wait to announce them tomorrow, though.
    Yosemite is definitely a scenic place to visit--great vacation destination on the west coast!

    Theresa--the redwood forest is so awesome. i'm lucky enough to have been there twice already in my life!

    we have to stick to rule number three for our own safety. if Sasha thinks she's allowed to steal our food, we'd never get another meal. : )

  11. That puppy looks adorable! Soooo cute.

    Also, what a cool tree! There's all kinds of stories that could be told about that one.

    Glad you had an awesome vacation!!!


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