Sunday, August 1, 2010

in my mailbox!

(in my mailbox is brought to you by the story siren.)

i am drowning in books! and here are the new arrivals (yikes...but at the same time, YAY!)

i think i read too much.

i've got Fallen, The Cardturner, Before I Fall, and The Book Thief. combined with all my past mailbox books and manga, this SHOULD keep me busy for quite a while.

so. what's in YOUR mailbox? post links and join in the fun!


  1. WHOA!

    "i think i read too much"?! SACRILEGE! No such thing as reading too much! For all our sakes, you may never speak those words again! *serious look*

    You got some great books this week! I loved "Fallen" but I haven't read "The Book Thief" yet and I've been meaning to for a while. "Before I Fall" is supposed to be awesome but grr. Haven't read that either.

    Great round up this week! :D


  2. The ending of The Book Thief completely makes the book. Loved Before I Fall. I have Fallen on my to read list for this month!

  3. oooo this is exciting! WHat great books! Enjoy.

  4. great loot!
    according to amazon, i should be getting the hunger games tomorrow and white cat, catching fire and break at the end of the week (i'm so far behind the times!) i'm SO excited!
    no such thing as reading too much! :)
    have fun!

  5. Alyssa--thanks! i plan to ; )

    Amelia--you're right, what was i thinking? the real problem here is that i haven't been reading ENOUGH and have fallen behind! lol

    Page--yay! i'm so excited to read The Book Thief. it's been on my list for so long!


    aspiring x--ah!!! your mailbox takes the cake! what AWESOME BOOKS!!!!

  6. I read and enjoyed the first 3 books, so I hope you do too! :)

    My mailbox is here.

  7. Could be seen as sad that I laughed seeing Before I Fall sitting atop of Fallen.

  8. Kelly--thanks! i'm glad to hear you liked them.

    SM--what's even sadder is that i didn't notice...

  9. omg YUMMMM BOOKS! i'm actually eating my way through some awesome arcs, and then i have a whole other list of books to get through. definitely let us know what you think!!

  10. Awesome books!!! I've only read one out of the bunch, the rest are on my TBR list :)

    I love this post, my husband doesn't, because it means I'm buying more books, lol.

  11. Tahereh--ah, i'm jealous of those arcs! there are always so many good books to read--it's impossible to keep up!

    Jen--lol. i, too, have been buying waay too many books. i think it's time to put on the brakes and catch up with my ginormous TBR pile now!

  12. You've got some great books there! I just picked up Insatiable by Meg Cabot :)

  13. I am a book buying freak. I love getting them in the mail, in the store, however they get here I love getting new books. I don't even finish the current reads before I am buying more, sigh. Now I need new shelves.
    How weird, I just got Before I Fall a week ago. No spoilers ;) And I've read fallen and the book thief. Have a great time reading!
    Um, last book I bought was Before I Fall.

  14. Belle--thanks! enjoy your book. i've liked almost all the books i've read by Meg Cabbot so far : )

    Erica--you sound like me! i even need new book shelves, too...


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