Friday, August 13, 2010

goal-setting friday

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it's friday again! congrats on making it through the work week! (well, almost...)

i was very excited by how many people set goals last week--even if you didn't complete them, setting goals gives you something concrete to work on. i find that they help me stay on task more than anything else.

last week's goal: check. completed (not that i set a very hard one!)

this week's goal: write every day. it's my last week before school starts, and i really want to make the most of it. if i can just get myself to sit down at the computer and start writing, i always get something done!

your turn! how'd you do last week, and what do you want to accomplish this week? finish some of those TBR books? put in a good, solid word count on your WIP? start revising? querying? really, whatever you want to do is fine! just set that goal and start working towards it.


  1. nope. didn't hit mine- only half way. :(

    good job on yours! ooh a goal to get through the TBR books! that sounds like fun(that's what kept me from completing my goal this week!)

  2. good luck tackling those TBR books! maybe you can finish your previous goal next week after you've gotten the reading distractions out of the way : )

  3. Erm well I've got 180 pages left from finishing my goal. This accountability DID help motivate me to carry the book around at least. Gotta finish it by next Friday though or my hw won't be done. Maybe I'll finish it today...

  4. LOL yes finish it today! we'll count it ; )

  5. Congrats for making your goal. Enjoy your writing week!

    I'm visiting family and then traveling for a wedding, so I don't know how much I can do in the way of goals. I'm going to dust off my WIP. I want to get a chapter done at the very least.

  6. That's a great goal, especially if you're busy! Good luck, and have fun at the wedding!


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