Wednesday, June 23, 2010


so! tonight my mom and sister were having this conversation in the kitchen:

mom relates funny part of book my sister lent to her.

my sister: i don't remember that.

mom: how many book are there in the series? (because, obviously, sister read the first book before all subsequent installments in the series and therefore has forgotten much of the early stuff. mom wants to know if forgetfulness is justified.)

my sister: like, 11.

mom: yikes! who has time to write all of these books?? (because books look like they are about 1000 pages long)

my sister: the author.

mom: thanks. you are a wealth of information.

OKAY, you caught me. YES. i am procrastinating by relating a completely random conversation (also, it was funnier when it happened). probably want to hear whether i made my goal yet or not.

i...did!!! i wrote at least 7k in various forms of fiction (blog not included) this week. YAY!!!

how about you? did you have a goal? did you make it?? are you ready for another wednesday goal??? : )

this week's wednesday goal (for me): to write 10 pages of a certain project and 5 pages of a different one.

yes. for the moment, i've given up making a specific word count. phew. i'm exhausted. nothing like last-minute dashes for the finish line.

thanks to those of you who participated, and to those of you who cheered me on! see?? doesn't goal setting sound like fun?? aren't you tempted to join in this week???? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LEAVE ONE LITTLE COMMENT BELOW.....


  1. lol...well as of midnight tonight, I had 31 pages revised out of my 40 page goal. SO CLOSE! I'm kinda sad that I didn't hit it and kinda proud that I made it this far, because honestly, without your awesome goal setting encouragement, this is one of those weeks when I would have struggled to get 20 pages revised.

    So thanks. :)

    And yeah, my GOAL until next Wednesday is 35 pages of revision. That's do-able...right? lol. I'm aiming high.

    Sleep. I need sleep.


  2. oh, so close!!! you're better than me though--not only did you set a higher goal, but you're actually raising it!! GO MOLLY!!!!

    and i'm so glad i was able to help! actually, this helped me a lot, too. without the accountablility, i probably would have written...maybe 1k words? haha

    happy dreams : ) good luck on this week's goal!! and thanks!!!!

  3. haha YAY for goals and ACCOMPLISHING THEM!

    hehe. yes i have a lot of goals. i am DROWNING IN GOALS.


    we shall see..

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I didn't have one, so that might account for why I got very little done. :)

  5. Tahereh--lol, thanks. and i'm sure you do have lots of goals! good luck with them, even if they are mysterious and secret..!!! ; )

    Sandy--thanks! maybe next week you'll set a goal with us? :D it could even be "write every day"! (i'm going to use that one if i get a busy week, hehehe)


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