Friday, June 18, 2010

do you really need reminding that it's monday? no, didn't think so

hey! hope you all had weekends as fun as mine! (BOTH father's day and my sister's birthday--loads of fun, right??) i got Ouran High School Host Club for my sister, and we've been watching it and scaring my family with our hysterical laughter...

anyway, a couple of things that happened this weekend...

FIRST, i updated my blog! YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED. IT'S ABOUT AS SUBLTLE AS THIS SENTENCE. definitely take the poll to the right ---> and let me know what you think : )

ALSO, i read this incredibly helpful article by C (Cynthia) J Omololu about how to write a book. (SO many thanks to Kirsten for the link!!) unless you are a die-hard panster, this post probably equates to the holy grail of writing. it has saved me SO MUCH time and helped me get my story in order....Cynthia, i can't even being to tell you how grateful i am.

FINALLY, i have been working towards my wednesday goal! and, um, yes, i'll leave it at that! i still have two days to get that 7k in!! (and i never specified that they would be on the same project!! yes, i am cheating)

SO. happy monday. unless you would rather forget that today is monday, in which case i will stop reminding you.



  1. ahhh mondays...well I did have a good weekend. Lots of sleep and reading!! 2 1/4 books. Revising?? Not so much. But I will hit my goal!! Hopefully I can get 15 pages revised tonight! We just have to get our goal hit by the end of the day on Wednesday--right? lol

  2. Right!! otherwise, i'll never make it, either : ) so much to do, so little time...which reminds me! i should do some more writing!

  3. Ooh, I loved Ouran! I'm anxiously waiting for the latest installment of the manga.

    And thank you for the link!

  4. i've watched the anime like 4 times and i'm reading the manga right now! it's definitely my favorite anime.

    and you're welcome! thanks for stopping by : )

  5. yay for goals!! and love the new banner :D

    so happy you had an awesome weekend :D :D

  6. thanks, Tahereh! hope your weekend was awesome, too! (and i loved 4 signs the rejectionist is into u--very funny!)


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