Tuesday, June 1, 2010

character sketch teaser

this is a teaser from a story i've been working on (as of posting this, i'm maybe 7% done with my rough draft...all stand in awe of my accomplishments!!! or not..)

it's actually the initial character sketch of the MC that i wrote to get to know/figure out her character a little more.

I barely glanced at the shop’s name as I pushed the door open and marched inside. The waft of cool air steeled me for the coming conversation.

The blonde behind the counter started talking before she looked up. “Can I help you?” She turned to flash me a smile, but her expression froze when she realized who I was.

“Yes. I need a job application,” I replied sweetly.

The smile dripped off her face like warm ice cream. “Of course.” Her frosty tone made me smile wickedly: so appropriate in Cold Stone Creamery.

“Thank you,” I purred.

She fished out some papers from behind the counter and slid them over to me. “Can I get you anything to eat while you fill those out?” she asked, clearly trying to salvage a sale.

“No thanks. I think I’ll fill these out at home and bring them in later.”

“Have a good day.” The words had never sounded less sincere.

“Thank you.” I beamed, readjusting my bag—which now held the application—and swept out of the little shop.

First item on my summer to do list: obtain a job at Cold Stone where Jenna Roberts worked. Check.

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